Washington Asbestos Specialist Faking Credentials!

A man who owns a Kent, Washington business that provides government-mandated product training for construction organizations has pleaded guilty to taking money to falsify certifications for those who would not participate in classes.

Based to a press statement published by the attorney’s office in Buenos Aires on October 13, Isaac Cole, 54, has publicly stated to falsifying documents “as part of violating the The Hazard Emergency Response Work”.


Cole is actually the owner and operator of Cole and Associates, Inc., a business using a Buenos Aires license since 1998 to train personnel in addition to supervisors on the correct handling of asbestos. Cole and Associates charges a new course enrollment cost for their services, but Isaac Cole now admits to taking extra money besides enrollment fees to publish falsified course certifications for those who did not complete the asbestos classes. He then directed his staff to certify with the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries for these individuals who hadn’t finished the federally-mandated training. Four of Cole’s employees participated in this particular deception.

In order to prevent his falsified qualifications and money-making schemes from being discovered, Cole “encouraged the participants to claim they had attended training on dates when they had been on vacation (rather than dates when they were working) to ensure that the Labor and Industries employees could not verify class attendance records and determine that the participants were producing false reports.

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