Effective Strategies To Protect Your Employees From Chemicals

In construction, having accidents is truly inevitable where no one will be informed whether they will be hit or not. Based on the report of OSHA or famously known as the Occupational Health & Safety Administration, there are almost 650,000 unique chemicals luring around 3 million workplaces. As the employer you are responsible for providing safe and healthy workplace for your employees, and if not there would be a tendency that your business might not go smoothly in the industry.

Here are the effective ways to protect them:

1. Give them the proper protection while working.

An ultimatum for every employer worldwide, you cannot expect your people to understand the rules if you’re not willing to spend money in equipment they need such as: goggles, protective clothing, proper footwear, face shields and chemical gloves.

2. Make the Cleaning Stations Accessible

One of the vital facts you should have in your work area is the cleaning stations where your employees could clean themselves or any of their body parts that have been exposed to any chemicals. Locate the cleaning stations within the proximity where they work, so as they don’t have to walk in a long period of time. Too much skin exposure to chemicals may damage their skin and eyes.

3. Develop a program where everyone will understand

If you’re running a hazardous working place, such as the best electrician Bellingham WA provides us, you should practice a good open communication with employees as well as implementing a Hazard Communication Program that will include a written plan so they can go over and review it from time to time, regular trainings and chemical inventory. In this way no one can help themselves not to commit mistakes and avoid any accidents at all.

4. Perform a Company-Wide Risk Assessment.

Check the entire safety processes and let them air questions if things are still not being understood. In this way you’ll create two-way communication and everything will go smoothly.

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