Asbestos In Decades And Its Effects

Before it gets banned all over the world, asbestos was used in several building construction companies and even in sewing clothes. To reiterate how asbestos came out in our world and started its business, let’s take a look back in its history.


In 3000 BC, Asbestos fibers were used in Persia, Finland, and Egypt for sewing clothes and the making of pottery and homes. During this time, people are not yet aware of what does it bring to them especially in health.

When 50 AD arrived, a Roman scholar announced that there is a health consequence that may occur for those workers near and using the substance. 1828 AD was the rise and fall of Asbestos, it was the time the first patient who had an illness due to Asbestos was confined and confirmed that it was the substance who caused it. Since the incident a lot of people were conscious about the product then it started to be used in so many ways, and began to hit its target market.

90 years later, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics unveiled the truth that there is indeed sudden rise percentage of people who died in early age simply because of Asbestos. This happened to the lady from Catering Bellingham. Then workers and their family filed a case against Johns-Manville Corporation, who happens to be the world’s largest asbestos mine manufacturer for exposing their workers near the substance, without even given them prior safety measures and an insurance if incidents may occur.

The men behind the largest mine involve in Asbestos, Johns-Manville, and Raybestos- Manhattan were forced to edit and fake a report of Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. This is to minimize the health hazards of asbestos dust and their business will still be up and running.

When the Twin Tower buildings collapse last September 11, 2001, tons of asbestos were release in Manhattan air, causing people to breathe with the Asbestos dust, around 400 tons of its dust.

2013 arrived and the ADAO or also known as the Asbestos Diseases Awareness Organization filed another case against the U.S. Congress regarding the dangers of asbestos exposure in the United States and the reason why it’s still not totally banned at all, considering the health issues it has brought to the people.

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